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In an era where open layouts are ruling homes, privacy is something we can’t afford to overlook. Partitions are necessary not just to offer privacy, but to divide a space and create clean lines.

Types of solid partitions :

Wooden partition wall

These are made of wood, mainly plywood. They are sturdy and easy to install. These are a popular choice because of their affordability and easy installation.

Precast panel partition walls

Manufactured in panels which are made of plastic or cement. These walls look like bricks but they are much lighter than brick and easy to install.

The division of a spaces need not necessarily be done with solid partitions as it makes the space completely closed without any connectivity between the remaining spaces.

Here is how we achieved our goal of “Bringing in dividers that still maintain a sense of openness”.

Accentuate with screens:

This is an ingenious wall partition design for the living room in an open-plan living space for the when you want a little bit of privacy for both dining area and the seating zone. Finding the right partition just requires some thought on where it is placed and how the lighting and size of the room is.

A touch of gloss can enliven the spirits of a room. Metallic partitions are trending currently making it the option to consider for a room divider.

Instead of metal, you can also consider using wood or fibreglass depending on ones choice and budget.

Partition Walls with Strings:

This is one of the most innovative and cost effective methods of creating a partition, suits earthy interior themes helps to create a perception of division keeping the visual clarity.

Storage Partition Walls:

This type of partition wall has an extra advantage, it maximises the storage space inside the house in addition to being a storage space.

Commonly used in study rooms and drawing rooms.

We have used fixed partitions as these are great in spaces where kids and pets are constantly running around. The chances of it falling or moving from its dedicated place will be minimum.

Natural lighting is a key factor in improving the livability quotient. We made sure the partitions were perforated so as to not block the natural lighting.

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