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A lovely home is a welcome respite. A well-designed home reflects one's distinct personal style, lifestyle, and taste.

Here's our take on a cost-effective house.

Since we are talking about budget friendly homes, too many changes in the civil work is not advisory.

An open floor plan has more potential than challenges. The key is to maintain a consistent style and use furniture and accent pieces to define areas.


A good entry foyer is like a book's cover. It serves as a hub for transitioning from work to home and as the first point of contact when entering a home. It should give off a warm, inviting vibe while still being as functional as possible.

The key benefits of providing a foyer room are:


If you add on an entrance foyer, you won't feel like your living room is a goldfish tank, putting you and your family on show whenever someone comes over.

Energy efficiency

When the front door opens directly into your living room, you’ll get hit with waves of heat in summer or icy blasts in winter. The foyer serves as a buffer zone, reducing the load on your HVAC system and lowering your energy bills.


Formal dining rooms are a thing of the past, and many people hardly use their dining rooms nowadays. Open kitchens will help to change this by combining a formal dining room and kitchen into a single space.

The aesthetic of the kitchen space feels modular using pre factory made shutters and the internal kitchen accessories that fit the client’s budget has been used.

Keeping water proofing and termite in mind it is all been done in wpc board.

A spacious open concept kitchen design offers other benefits too.

· Allows you to cook and socialize with the family or dinner guests at the same time.

· Opens up a home and creates better traffic flow.

· Makes your kitchen more versatile.

· Creates a more efficient layout—one where you won’t feel cramped and limited.

Open kitchen with a sleek breakfast counter finished in wood finish laminate with Moroccan finished tiles for the dado.

Common space

Double height spaces are usually considered a luxury, but even with the budget constraints, we have achieved that using a neutral back drop and the emphasis comes with the cladding material and the furniture complimenting the space.

In the present day, even in the high budget duplex houses it has become rare to have such an expand for a double height space.

This is our well designed and planned site. Though the living and dining areas are not as large as they seem, the double height vertical expansion creates a visual impact by making the over all floor larger.

French Door

French doors are most often used to connect a home’s interior and exterior. These are not only functional, but beautiful for any home.

Light can give your room a beautiful glow and when it’s natural, it’s even better. Since our doors are made from glass, they can let in an abundance of natural light to the first floor lobby space brightening up and making it feel more open.

A cozy nook

A bed headboard not only plays an active role in transforming the overall look and feel of a bedroom, it does it on budget . It eliminates the need to buy a complete bed frame which translates into a lot of savings.

A headboard features a minimal design that takes up very little room space. It has the unique ability to make a small room look bigger. These are specifically designed to be thinner, easily movable and less bulky for a light, clean look.

Though window seats are only a simple and minimalist design element, they are a smart way to transform underused or even dead spaces in a room with the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics.

Multipurpose room

It’s not practical to devote an entire room to the occasional visitor. With a little creativity, you can design a space that welcomes guests when it needs to, but doubles as an study and pooja room the rest of the time.

Keeping budget in mind, all the furniture were bought out from the local available stores for a lesser price without compromising on the comfort or the look.


Adding a dressing room considerably expands your clothing storage options, giving you the freedom to organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories in a manner that exactly fits your vision. It also eliminates bedroom clutter that has limited your organizational capabilities for too long.

The shutters were all of standard sizes, as they have more options available at low cost compared to the customized ones. We have tried to achieve the modular look without actually spending a bomb.

No matter your style, staying on budget is a top priority when it comes to creating a well-decorated home. It was quiet a challenge yet never compromised on the aesthetics or functioning of the space.

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