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LOCATION: Tellapur, Hyderabad

AREA: 340 sq.yd, 3505sq. ft

DESCRIPTION: The villa comprises of a formal living room, informal living room, dining room, and four bedrooms with bathrooms attached, sit-out areas a kitchen, and service areas.


Industrial style interior design is largely influenced by the look and feel of factories and warehouses. They are characterized by large open spaces, exposed structural elements, reclaimed objects as well as metal, brick, wood and concrete textures.

Today, this rugged, edgy style has captured the imagination of designers everywhere. Industrial decor elements blend well with other design styles too, and commonly make an appearance in contemporary homes.

Industrial-inspired design is utilitarian, bare-bones and no frills, so stick with minimal decor and sparse furnishings. However, this does not mean that your home has to look cold or sterile. Bring in one or two comfortable chairs, rugs or even art pieces for a more “lived-in” feel.


A neutral color palette is the signature element of Industrial style interiors. Do use your home in browns, beiges, whites and greys. You can use pops of primary colors as accents to brighten up the scheme.

We have incorporated some plants as it is a good way to freshen up the space while adding some color.

Framed vintage photographs or abstract paintings work well in this space.


In addition to vintage furniture and accessories , antique light fixtures are popping up in industrial homes, adding weathered flair as they dangle from the ceiling in style will complete the industrial look.

The wooden table paired with metal chairs seek out the best industrial vibes through usage of colors like grey.

Framed vintage photographs or abstract paintings work well in this space.


Industrial lighting has become a go-to style over the last couple of years, across both modern and period properties. Working especially well within a kitchen and dining setting, consider sleek back metal fixtures and signature Edison bulbs. Glass or metal pendant lighting is a great way to highlight a kitchen island, while oval bulkhead lights are an interesting alternative to bedside lighting.


Shapes used for industrial interior design consist mainly of squared lines and blocky shapes which promote a utilitarian cohesiveness in the overall look of your home.

As you can see, industrial style takes many forms. It combines wood, metal, open spaces, neutral tones, and utilitarian objects to create an unfinished and raw look. From exposed piping on ceilings and walls to wood and metal furnishings and accents, there are many ways you can get the industrial look at home. Whether you go vintage or stick with new items, there’s are pieces for every price point.


Industrial interiors are a great way to keep the architectural integrity of a space while enhancing it to reflect your personality. Industrial designs will only continue to advance and influence interior design.

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