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LOCATION: Mokhila, Hyderabad

AREA: 300 sq.yd,


The villa comprises of a formal living room, informal living room, dining room, and four bedrooms with bathrooms attached, sit-out areas a kitchen, and service areas.

The goal for us was to create a beautiful elegant space for a young couple and the neoclassical style was proved to be the best option for them. It was very important to maintain balance between calm, creative energy and the purposed functional details.

STYLE: Neoclassical

Bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary, neoclassical design offers a rich method of self-expression. Neoclassical interiors embrace luxury – far from modest, but careful to remain tasteful. It offers a playground for bold colors more than its transitional pastel-hued neighbour. It requires a more curated approach to furniture than its distant cousin the free-spirited eclectic.


The colors in the neoclassical style are generally mild: cream, gray, blue, yellow and green. Luster black, red, gold and silver are used mainly as patches of color to highlight the overall style. A gentle and pervasive flower theme creates a chic look from floor to ceiling.

Furniture: The furniture in the neoclassical style is simple but symmetrical. Dark wood furniture is typical and rooms are embellished with beautiful ornaments, stone and marble floors, and Persian carpets. The fabrics are luxurious but not ostentatious - damask silk, brocade, linen, and velvet.

Decorations: Urns, jugs, Wedgwood china, pottery, and statues are typical in neoclassical furniture and emphasize a luxurious appearance. Large mirrors, flowers, artwork and decorative moldings adorn neoclassical walls and ceilings.

The neoclassical aesthetic combines luxury and opulence with a relaxed atmosphere to provide an elegant aura and charm.


Fabrics like linen, velvet, brocade, and damask silk go with this design. Go for muted hues like dusty pink, moss green, greyish blue and crisp whites. Remember, repeating patterns are the most important characteristic of neoclassical style.

Lighting and backlight

Neoclassical interior must be bright, so take care of multi-level lighting. You will need a chandelier, floor lamps, decorative sconces and table lamps with lampshades. All lamps must be placed symmetrically: on both sides of the sofa, on the bedside tables, on both sides of the mirror.


The spaces have been designed with modern furniture put in the context of a room that has the bones of a neoclassical aesthetic including crown mouldings, wall beadings and wall scones which add to the symmetry, giving the space a sense of formality. Mixability of ancient aesthetics with today’s- furnishing.

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