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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

If you have a modern home, embracing an Art Deco theme could pose a challenge. After all, the features of this trend that look dated or out of place if incorrectly styled.

Starting small, adding touches of Art Deco to the strategic locations of your house, such as painting a room with dark paint or adding a large, decorative mirror to your bedroom or living spaces.

1. Dramatic Walls

Art Deco's design is based on the dramatic, and there's nothing like dark interior paint that makes a bold statement. Not to mention, it's a designer trick to make your room look bigger. Consider using colors like blue, dark green, dark grey and black to make a real impact.

"Even small rooms can benefit from the dark, rich color of the wall,". "If you feel extra brave, try a large-scale print of patterned wallpaper."

2. Polished Metals

One defining aspect of the 1920s was the sudden introduction of metal decorative parts in home décor. It's no wonder, though, that this polished look made its way into Art Deco style.

Start adding a large display mirror and decorative gold light fixtures to your walls. You can also turn off your light switch covers, register covers and outlets with ornate metallic pieces to bind the room together, or you can simply add a large floor lamp.

3. Luxurious Flooring

"The easiest touches that can be applied to any room in your home are set in big, white marble and white patterned floors," "The smaller tiles in geometric patterns work wonders for bathrooms and kitchens."

4. Luxurious Fabrics

To improve the look and feel of home décor, An Art Deco designer would use expensive fabrics and materials to give the appearance of wealth and class.

"Keep in mind that the goal of Art Deco designers was to make the modern industrial style softer, more livable and more beautiful," "We wanted to create a balance between modernism, refinement, elegance and beauty."

You can make this look more affordable, more available these days. Try to incorporate velvet like fabrics into your furniture and curtains. Unlock your wild side by adding fake fur pillows and tossing them to your sofas and accent chairs.

5. Eccentric Furniture

Clearly, furniture found in most Art Deco style homes would have been considered the norm in the Americas of the 1920s. Today, with minimalism and mid-century modern décor on the rise, it might look eccentric and above the top. There are, however, discreet ways to add it to your house

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