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A window is an opening in a wall, fence, roof or vehicle which allows light, sound and sometimes air to pass through. Usually the modern windows are glazed or coated with some other transparent or translucent material, a sash set in the opening frame, in the opening; the sash and frame are also referred to as a window. There are many glazed windows that can be opened to allow ventilation, or closed to exclude inclement weather conditions. Windows is often equipped with a latch or similar mechanism to lock or hold the window open by different amounts.


The single hung window is a classic and very common design. It operates with the bottom sash being manipulated. Since this type of window does not open outwards, it is a perfect choice of window for small spaces like windows facing pathways, streets and other narrow spaces.


Thanks to its practicality and durability, the double-hung window style is the most common type of window at American houses. Easy maintenance, because it is possible to adjust both the upper and lower stashes to allow airflow inside. Unlike the form of single hanging window it is suitable for small spaces outside.


The oriel is a type of bay window commonly used in the upper floors/stories that are supported by brackets, corbels or similar. This type of windows extends the area of the room exteriorly.


The cottage style window is a double hanging window variant in which the upper stock is shorter than the lower one. This is most widely referred to as the "face style opening" Aside from the smaller upper stock, the cottage window design and characteristics are very similar to the double hung window above. This type of window is sometimes called window style "Georgian" and "Tudor".


The most common form of sliding window is the 2 panel slider. It has two panels to allow airflow into the space where one or both of the panels are slided left and right.


This type of sliding window is wider than the 2 panel slider, thus providing a more panoramic view of the scenery from outside. The middle panel has the three-panel slider fixed, while the other two side panels slide towards the middle to open and close the window.


The picture window is one of the most special window type because it is (can not be manipulated) set. It is just a glass window panel whose main purpose is to frame an external view – like a picture frame, hence the term "photo window." Although this is not a very common form of image that you see on a daily basis, it is particularly seen on vaulted ceiling houses.


The hopper window is a type of single-sash casement window (see number 10) that opens by tilting the house inwards vertically. Hoppers are hinged in the center, usually horizontal rectangles, which allows the window to open from the tip.


As stated earlier, casement windows are similar to hopper-like single-stash windows, except that they are mounted vertically instead of horizontally. These are hinged windows, which open from the sides inward or outward.


As mentioned above, awning is similar to hoppers except that it bends outwards instead of tilting inwards. This opening mechanism prevents it from restricting the size of the room, but can not be built where plants and other space barriers outside the wall will obstruct the window.


Earlier, when we talked about the oriel windows, we talked about the Bay Windows a little. It has a typically hexagonal outer frame which adds space to your bed.


Bow windows are variants of the Bay window as you may already learn. Because of having hexagonal and smooth sides the main difference is that the bow window is bent, forming an arch. This style of window is usually bigger than the bay windows because of the angled sides.


If your goal is good ventilation, then a jalousie window would serve you well. Jalousie windows are fitted with parallel glass, wooden louvres or plastic and can be opened and shut at once. Besides its outstanding function, its architecture is flexible enough to complement every form of aesthetics in the house.


To certain people with a green thumb this sort of window is fine. It is a four-sided window that stretches outwards to catch enough sunlight needed by plants. Turn your window into a cozy, indoor garden that can be used in your kitchen to display bright, new and nutritious plants, flowers or even herbs.


Not only does a glass block window look good and flattering but it also serves an essential role in terms of privacy and protection. This style of window is certainly one of the most common among homes and offices thanks to its thick and sturdy but stylish designs.


Aesthetics is important, but the actual purpose plays a much greater role when it comes to changes at home. Great thing about the egress slot, it offers protection as well as elegance. During emergencies such as explosion, earthquake, etc., this sort of window offers a secure escape route from your house. This also serves as a point of entry for emergency services.


Arched windows are common in Roman architecture but their timeless beauty gives the modern structures a unique look. This enhances the curb value of the exterior of your house, given its low maintenance.


Although round windows are inspired by Gothic architectural rose windows, there are modern round windows which serve the same function. And this is to create a focal point for the external features of the structure and to require ample amount of light and air.


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