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Any multi functional space like a kitchen needs lighting capable of providing a wide variety of tasks. When we think of lighting the kitchen, it is more like adding the ingredients to a meal. Lighting up your kitchen by adding essential fixtures can make you notice the difference in aesthetics instantly. Here are the best ideas you can get for your kitchen lighting design.

1. Ambient Lighting :

Also referred to as general lighting, this type of illumination serves to light the entire space while creating a welcoming mood. The lighting should be bright but diffused. Overhead recessed lighting is the most common choice to brighten the space and eliminate shadows and glare while creating a warm environment. Dimmers are a must and will help you control the degree of brightness at any given point during the day or activity.

2. Task Lighting :

This lighting is usually done under the cabinets or over the countertops. It eliminates the shadows and gives a good work view surface for chopping, cooking, etc. You can make them fit under the overhead storage so that the internal wiring remains hidden. In case of budget constraints, fix the lights only on the main prep zone areas.

a. Lighting Kitchen Countertops

Some of the most precise tasks need to be performed on the countertop. Hence, one should ensure perfect lighting to be more useful and pleasant. Most of the countertops are shiny, and thus, you should avoid fixing reflective lights.

b. Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting helps you browse through the otherwise dark storage spaces easily. Often, these lights switch on automatically when you open the shutter, and switch off when you close the kitchen cabinet. These are perfect for high-end kitchens. However, one can choose to include these only for corner storages or under-the-counter cabinets, if budget is an issue.

c. Pendant lights : For an island or breakfast counter, you can install recessed spotlights, or opt for pendant lights to bring warm, focused lighting when you want to switch to a softer atmosphere once the meal is ready. Ideally they should be positioned 30 inches above the countertops. Pendants also allow you style statement opportunities, with plenty of choices for shades and arrangements.

3. Accent Lighting :

As the name indicates, this type of lighting serves to single out features that deserve attention for their decorative qualities; it can also do double duty for task lighting. Most typical options are LED strips at the backs of shelves or cabinets to create a wash of light, highlighting dishware, glasses, or collections or an architectural detail like carved moulding.

a. Toe Kick Lighting

Toe kick (the area between the base cabinet and the floor) is an elegant and simple way to emphasize the space, provides the safe pathway lighting, keep someone from bumping into it late at night and makes a unique nightlight. For the toe kick lighting, one or two watts led strip lighting should be enough. Don't forget to have different switches to control it separately.


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