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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Paint comes in many colours, but people usually choose the same neutral colours to cover their walls with, which ends up making every room look the same. With wallpaper, you get a more unique, customized, and individual look, and you are not likely to find another home nearby with the same colours and designs as your newly wallpapered living room or bedroom.

For even more unique rooms, you can even mix wallpaper with exotic paint colours to create a truly unique living environment that even the craftiest interior decorator would be jealous of. Express

yourself and experiment with different colours and designs to find the right mix that truly defines you. For a nice, seamless room, try to match the background of the wallpaper to the paint that you are using. Make sure that it fits nicely with your furniture and doesn’t clash with your floors.


Wallpaper tends to be longer lasting than paint. Paint will chip or peel through humidity and unintended impacts, while wallpaper will be much better able to handle most scenarios. This gives wallpaper greater longevity, which means that for years, or even decades in some cases, you won't have to go back and finish the walls.

Another point about using wallpaper is that it's much easier to clean than painting is. If wallpaper gets a dirty spot, you can just wipe it off. While you can wipe some paints down, it can take off the finish or leave a shiny spot.

An extended lifetime means you won't have to redo the entire room as often as possible, saving you money over time for materials and labour.


Wallpaper comes in a broad variety of styles varying from stripes to damask and all in between. This variety gives you plenty of choices to create the feel and style of a room, giving you more freedom of expression in the decoration of your home. On wallpaper, you can also get much more complex designs than paint.

Whatever look you choose for your home, wallpaper can be found to perfectly complement it. Layer colour schemes are also much simpler to fit with your furniture and floors. Layering paint can be a challenging and time-consuming process for latex, but wallpaper arrives with the already applied paints. All you need to do is pick and download the sheet which complements your colour scheme.

Another great point is that wallpaper doesn’t require the complex masking that paint does, and you do not have to worry about getting paint where it doesn’t belong. Just buy the right size sheets or cut it to size, and you’re golden.


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