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A lot of small details get overlooked when re-designing your bathroom: like what kind of bathroom mirror is ideal for your room. The mirror in the bathroom, though at first it can seem like an afterthought, may make a big effect.

Without investing loads of money, you can make your bathroom stand out easily and your bathroom mirror is a great place to start.

While you can choose from hundreds of mirror options and even more options when considering custom mirrors, Here are few things to consider when choosing bathroom mirrors that flawlessly reflect your style and will make you look forward to being in your bathroom.

1. Framed mirror

Large decorative wall mirrors with frames are also commonly used.

Flush against the wall, they hang. From plain wood to those adorned with crystals,

the mirror frames are accessible in all possible types.

2. Frameless Mirrors

Decorative wall mirrors may feature no frames. In such a way, a single mirror becomes a universal adornment for room in any style, theme and color scheme. However in contemporary and minimalist bathrooms, it looks the best.

3. A Full Mirrored Wall

When it comes to bathroom mirror ideas, the more you think outside of the box, the more unique your bathroom will look and feel.

An elegant alternative to traditional bathroom vanity mirrors, a full mirrored wall like this one will up the glamor factor exponentially for a grand statement. Best of all, mirrors are relatively inexpensive.

4. Ultra-Slim Bathroom Mirrors

If you're looking for vanity mirrors in the bathroom that take up little space while leaving a delicate impression on the eye, consider choosing an ultra-slim, minimal style that will still look timeless and tasteful. Ultra-slim bathroom wall mirrors also compliment the straight and strict lines so commonly found in modern bathrooms and pair well with contemporary cabinetry and hardware. And best of all, they take only minutes to install.

5. Art - deco Mirrors

A glamorous and refined addition to every bathroom is the Art-Deco bathroom vanity mirrors. As part of a bathroom with an art-deco vibe, you can style them or use them in a more modern-style bathroom as a bonus. Art-deco mirrors, simplistic but ornate and richly detailed at the same time give you the best of both worlds when juxtaposed with modern finishes.

6. Large circular mirror

As they go a long way to softening your style, a circular mirror makes a great contrast to the normally hard lines of a bathroom. In a subtle, minimalist way big, circular, modern bathroom mirrors have a dramatic effect. A mirror like this won't take the concept away from the rest, but it will definitely add to it.

7. Captain Mirrors

Small suspended bathroom mirrors buck the trend of large mirrors in bathrooms. Such wall mirrors decor is used more seldom than the stated above types, but it is great for modern and industrial feel when paired well with subway tiles and an industrial basin and lighting.

8. Recessed Mirrors

If you have a recess in your bathroom, make the most of it by filling it with a mirror, not only will it make your space look larger, but it will almost feel like an extra window in your bathroom.


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