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Home decor is a modern trend in style There is a long known dialogue, between fashion and interior design. The quick pace of Fashion entices interior designers with trends in design that transcend the medium and work as easily in home decor as on a runway. Yet fashion designers do seem to have a keen eye for interiors, and sometimes both worlds are navigated. Unlike clothes, home fashion trends are constantly changing too. Although patterns are described in the category each year, this does not extend to every corner of the country or the world, in that respect. For every region the patterns and preferences tend to shift.

"Home interior decor is the latest style statement. We certainly expect it to capture more from the wallet than fashion, with consumer trend changing to spending a lot more time at home but often physically or virtually sharing homes with other. 'Home styling' segments like furniture rugs wall hanging art furniture cushions would be newest haven for premium and lifestyle brands.

With COVID-19 touching almost all countries, governments are asking citizens to practice social distancing. If the latest corona virus begins to spread, cities and countries across the globe have told people to return to their homes — and remain there.

As we shelter in place, the rooms where we once spent few waking hours now encapsulate our entire existence — and this short-term re calibration may have long-term effects When we surround ourselves in our houses, we are more conscious of how our internal environments influence our moods, our capacity to function and our physical comfort. People are realizing the importance of home as an asset class in their investment basket.

Growing consumer interest

Growing consumer interest in home decoration: In recent years, the number of homeowners has increased significantly, especially in emerging economies, spurring increasing interest among these owners. Furthermore, home decor products have gained a strong acceptance among homeowners who want to renovate the interior and exterior of the house. In 2018, the group of indoor applications accounted for the highest 92.6 per cent share. Indoor use refers to living space within a home, such as office, dining room, toilet, kitchen and other covered areas. So, how much is interior decor costing us? Okay, it's a very tricky question, and the range of responses can baffle and scare you. Interior Designs will commence from Rs. 500/-per square foot upwards of Rs. 10,000/-per square foot. Therefore, if you live in an apartment of 1500 to 2000 square feet in any metropolis in India in a new flat, you can expect to spend somewhere between 7.50 lakhs and 20.0 lakhs on an economical and respectable interior design.

Factors driving the home market Fashion dimension is also thriving in the home and interiors market. Most people are purchasing new homes or updating their current ones according to the segment's latest trends. Growing awareness and curiosity among homeowners about stylish interiors and quality indoors is also driving the growth of this market, which includes furnishings, furniture and decor. People have now realized that simple items like bed sheets or curtains are not only a cloth for covering bed mattresses or doors and windows but a statement of style that goes a long way to decorating and embellishing homes. It has further encouraged players in the segment to think creatively and deliver a range of choices in the segment of home fashion. Although the industry is still in its infancy with consumers still picking up knowledge of home fashion and interior, and with the continuous entry of players offering newer and better items, home segment is preparing for a larger and brighter future.

The Way Towards The home fashion industry in India will witness immense growth in the coming years. Earlier, most of India's high-end interiors looked like clones. In the future, we will see a greater degree of individuality and adventure and recognition of indigenous Indian architecture. Spaces are going to get more complex.

Trends and tastes are changing with every country. "While North India prefers more bling with a lot of embroideries and patchwork with velvets, West is more subdued and prefers more textures and muted fabrics or vibrant digital prints to add highlights to their muted homes.

East also has a preference for more natural fabrics in pastel color range, and South has a preference for bold colors in jacquard. There is, however, a significant rise in the use of textures for various materials, which is something we are betting heavily on. We have also seen a huge increase in demand for linen base, which has motivated us to create many linen base fabrics from sheer to main curt.

Category Calling

The category Home is divided into three large categories-furniture, furniture and decoration. Although soft furnishing has always been on the back foot as compared to the category of furniture, there has been a substantial increase in customer interest in the former over the last few years.

Roughly around 50 percent of the home industry comprises of home furniture, soft furnishings capture 35 percent and home decor rules the remaining 15 percent of the overall chart.

Elaborating on what’s trending

"Metallic shades like silver, gold, rose gold and bronze are currently in the home decor category. Big planters, vases, large mirrors, candelabras and picture frames in metallic tones offer the living area a polished and opulent Fashionable in interior design

Patterned All

Patterns, especially layered patterns, are becoming more prevalent for tabletop designs and textiles. They easily fit into any space, regardless of style. Circles, squares, rhombuses, zigzags and rectangles – the choice is great. The main thing is not to overdo it with the use of this type of print in space. Do not decorate the interior with wallpaper, lamps, bedding, or floors with a geometric pattern.

"Pattern matching is also becoming more common, e.g. where the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding."

Two-Tone Kitchens Two-tone kitchens can be fantastic, from Contemporary to Farmhouse and even Traditional, in any style. With colour, that works well. This kitchen shows the base cabinets with blue, and the upper cabinets with wood.

This will give you the color you want without it swallowing out the space .And yes, you are still engaged — just not enough over the years to get sick of.

Combination of colors, textures and cultures

In terms of colours, textures and cultures, there are so many ways that you can add those you associate with. The presence of objects and accessories from other cultures adds a touch of magic and adventure to home decoration. Round blown and colored glass vases, sculptural plates, and crystal. Plants which have no tanks.

A connection to sensual materials will be the focal point in 2020. Thin cotton, leather, silk, natural wood. Everything with a pronounced texture. Anything a person wishes to feel and touch.

Have an indoor garden Such is the power that inspires the divine in 2020, that in the Decoration of the house the interior gardens can not be overlooked, Finding a place of relaxation and tranquility for the entire family.

You can place a small chair or armchair to accompany the interior Garden, allowing you to enjoy the quietness and beauty of your Garden. To tell the truth, we've all killed our fair share of plants either by lovingly smothering them or ignoring them altogether. They are super easy to take care of and purify the air too. This genus' sheer diversity will allow you to decorate a whole house with unique plants, as it contains about 70 specie.

Unique Rugs

Rugs don’t have to be rectangular or plain, have fun with them, it’s like art on your floor. Handmade rugs with patterns and designs that are unique in inspiration that complement a home better than any generic and bland commercial pattern.

However, by making your own exclusive custom designed rugs you can take it up a notch another way. Custom made rugs are the epitome of personal expression crafted by you with the exact colors you want.

Curved furniture In 2020, we'll see more curved edge furniture in place of the normal square edge patterns. People are sick of rectangular and square furnishings and aspire to something more. The interior trends prevalent in the 80s will be a revival. He can see furniture such as cabinets, sofas, sofas and more, give up straight designs for a more rounded, rounded back and sides in the mid-century.

This furniture will feature smooth materials of bright colors. With this trend, it will be easy to incorporate round back chairs into smaller rooms while keeping enough space.

Pros And Cons of Following home Fashion Trends Creates Comfort :

Most people would be sitting on a couch a few times before deciding whether to buy it, or stretching out in a showroom on bed after bed, before settling on the ideal mattress. Designing with personal comfort in mind, is part of human nature. Sets a Mood: According to Inviting Home each color has its own personality, whether happy or sad, old or young. The colors you choose should set the mood for your home. A sky-blue bedroom builds a quiet oasis, while sunlight can be imitated by a bright yellow playroom. You set the mood for a room by selecting colors for the walls, furniture, carpeting, and accessories.

Can Overwhelm Visitors:

If you've ever stepped into a home packed with every nook and cranny, When a room has so many pieces of furniture that finding a clear path to walk is challenging for a tourist, this can be an unpleasant experience. One downside to interior decoration is that the masterpiece to one person is the rumor of another person.

Can Be Expensive:

According to Fox Small Business Center, the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker found that 85 per cent of homeowners already regard their home as their most profitable investment and expect to spend an average of $6,200 on home improvements in 2010. If only 10% of that money is spent on design ventures, that's $620 per person. American Express puts the amount closer to the 800 dollar mark. This is money for the average family this could be used for college tuition, paying down a mortgage or buying a new vehicle. Since most decoration of the interior is not completed at one time, it is easy to spend more money than you think you have.

Can Make Resale More Difficult:

Decorating the interiors is highly personal. There is no way the distinct style of one person can appeal to everyone. For example, investing a lot of money to carpet your walls and paint them with an ocher hue that reminds you of Tuscany won't necessarily attract someone who would consider buying your house. The value of interior design and emotional and physical wellness will predominate more than ever before. Designers would need to understand how we can aid with emotional health with the use of lighting, fabrics, vibration and acoustics in the interior settings. Spaces in homes are getting more open. "We'll need to decide what interface features we should use to protect public health, Including objects, size, physical separation or closeness, and object interaction.


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