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Ways of Indoor Greening Design of Display

Indoor greening design plants generally can take the display as follows:

· on the floor (suitable for larger potted plants, especially the form, structure of plants)

· Furniture or window sill (suitable for relatively small potted, because only put them at a certain height, can obtain good viewing Angle, thus has ideal ornamental effect)

· In independent type base (suitable for a long, drooping leaf plants. In order to coordinate with the style of interior decoration, can choose pseudo-classic style base (such as root base), or concise form vertical gypsum base, glass fibber reinforced plastic imitation plaster base

· hanging from the ceiling (suitable for branches drooping plants, such as bracket plant, bird's nest ferns. Suspension can make drooping branches grow shine, and the most easy to attract the line of sight of people, special effects)

· suspended on the wall (suitable for trailing plants and small flowering plants. Trailing plants are commonly used to draw the outline of the window profile, flowering plants with its gorgeous colours and the me tope of quietly elegant contrast).

A lighting on the one hand can improve plant light conditions, promote plant growth (type fluorescent lamp is suitable for use sun); On the other hand can create a special atmosphere (appropriate use spotlight or floodlight) at night. Lighting the way into the projection lighting, lighting and back lighting up. Upward lighting way is to put the lights in plants, the main purpose is the special effect of shadow on the wall; Back lighting is hidden behind the plants, the lights make the plant under the condition of the backlight produces dark outline, exquisitely carved effect


Decoration household plants can be divided into six regions, according to statistics,

· 79% of households put plants in the living room,

· 51% of households put plants in the kitchen,

· 34% of households put plants in the porch of the gate and the stair well,

· 28% of households put plants in restaurants,

· 12% of households put plants in the bathroom,

· 11% of households put plants in the bedroom.

Decoration area is smaller through different kinds of medium and small potted, or in the roof hanging plant, also can create good landscape effects. Window it is a good place for arrangement of greening, hanging greening plants on the window sill, can soften the monotonous rigid construction line; make its show alive and vibrant. If set on the window sill planting groove, groove colourful four seasons of flowers and plants and small shrubs, the effect is more ideal. An important part of balcony afforest, promote appetite, harmonious relationship. Table of plant design: the design should not be multifarious, concise, a bottle of flower arrangement. Bedroom green: bedroom should create a quiet, sweet, leisure and comfortable atmosphere, relatively capacious bedroom can use standing type large pot; hanging potted small bedroom can choose, or plants on the fine set of basin after put on the dresser or windowsill.


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