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Traditional Contemporary:

Choose your paintings wisely:

You have to consider the color scheme, either choose the paintings from the paintings gallery according to that or change the wall paper. If you are a beginner in the arena of art, then keep your gallery wall simple without mixing more than two traditional paintings styles.

Wooden Partition Walls:

Wood is ideal for creating a separating wall. You can use vertical planks a few centimetres from one another to separate a living room and dining room. This allows you to create your own, special room while maintaining contact between both areas. We used this design in our own office and can therefore testify to its success!

Decorative Aspects:

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of wooden decorative objects to choose from. There’s something for everyone: wooden bowls, hatstands, tealight holders, photo frames and various other artifacts.

Wooden Paneling and staircase:

For many people, paneling sounds a little old fashioned. But this wooden wall covering can still be beautiful today. Paneling is especially stunning within countryside interiors.

A wooden stairway is very beautiful and low-maintenance. And with a lick of paint, your old stairway can be given a complete makeover.


Wood in an interior often means parquet flooring. A parquet floor provides a hint of luxury and extra warmth in your home. Oak planks which have been treated with a varnish or oil are usually used for parquet. The planks come in various thicknesses, lengths and widths.

KalakaariHaath (wall art):

Nowadays, wall art has become one of the most pertinent aspects of interior design, especially when it comes to quickly assessing and identifying what type of color palette the room needs, the overall decor and the types of decorative items you require to really set the mood in the room right.

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