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Location : Hyderabad

Year built : 2020

Description : Interior Renovation

Renovation is always a different challenge in itself, as it has various constraints. The current project is a 15 year old apartment , with a hint basic interiors that is done earlier.

The idea here was to present this existing apartment with more comfort and sophistication with a blend powerful and modern vibes.

One of the inviting factors for this design was the two flats one beside the other were merged together as one, provided added area to the living space.

The thought was to balance the colors and patterns with furniture to compliment one another.


One of the interesting aspects here, was a beautifully hand crafted stone ledge with artefacts that complimented each other and also enhanced the now integrated balcony and living space.


While it was once considered background rather than foreground décor, wallpaper has always played a huge role in enhancing interiors. The choice of designer wallpaper and the way it’s used influences the overall decorative scheme to a great extent.

In here, it showcases a spread of triumphal arches, with multiple arched passageways. The massive squared pavilions on either sides of the arch depict Indian architecture in its strongest form. A curtain of red flowers on the overtop conjures a soothing twist to the architectural power play. It added depth and an interesting contrast to plain walls, giving the space a dramatic look that was needed.

The KALAKARIHAATH works are inspired from traditional hand crafts of India among many other things which try to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary by making it relevant to a context of today.


One of the notable transformations done was, providing space for the open kitchen by removal of the common wall between the informal living space and the kitchen. This rendered enough clearance space for free movement around and also increased the counter space.

A modern home is incomplete without a practical and aesthetic kitchen. A challenge that homeowners face, whether they live in large modern houses or small apartments, is to have as much as possible storage in the kitchen to make it comfortable and it Is an art that requires making the best use of the available space.


An old sofa that looks bland and does not go with the other elements of the house can be transformed through a relatively simple process. As sometimes buying a brand new sofa simple isn’t in the budget. The key concept is to remove the old fabric and upholstery and to replace it with new one.


They give any room a complete look– small elements like light fixtures and artefacts will make a huge difference too.

Lighting is a very crucial factor in changing the ambience and mood of a room. The conjunction of incoming natural lighting and artificial sources make the best amalgamation of an interior decor.

Artefacts These minimalistic monochromatic wall arts will instantly draw the eye into the space and they often lead to a deeper meaning.

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