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Who lives here : A family of six

Location : Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Year built : 2018

Area : 13000 Sq.ft

Description : The apartment comprises of a living room, a dining room, two bedrooms with bathrooms attached, a kitchen, and service areas. Living and dining areas with narrow openings and high window sills are arranged linearly.

Keeping the design brief in mind, we re-designed the apartment to offer the right balance of comfort and sophistication.

Two flats one above the other have been joined together to make it as a duplex by creating an internal staircase. In order to combine them in the earlier stage gave us an opportunity to customize the home design.

The peace of mind of continuing to live in the comfort of a neighborhood that the client and their family love is quite unmatched.

Combining two flats and following Vaastu aspects was quiet a challenge.


Contemporary decorating style is timeless and defined by a classic approach to bringing a room together through luxurious simplicity. Interiors tend to showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh. To achieve the look of a contemporary home, we have stick to some basic rules.


Neutrals along with grey, black, and white, are a signature of the contemporary design style and are used to define and ground a room. The palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold colors that play against neutrals. If the walls and windows are painted in pastels, the trims , ceiling and flooring should be neutral.

The dining room is dominated by an ash-grey cement oxide palette, which provides a suitable background for combining wood and copper shades.

Combining grey walls with bright white furnishings, keeping it rich and neutral is the key for design bliss. When grey walls combine with wooden accessories, the result is striking and can create a variety of styles and moods, including earthy, contemplative, and rustic with decadent feel.


Wood has always been one of our most often used materials both in architecture and interior design. It is not only valuable for its sturdiness, but also for its versatility. And it can completely transform a room when used in the right manner.

Wood makes any area look comfortable, slightly rustic, yet simultaneously sleek and polished.

Warm and welcoming wooden interior design ideas create a beautiful home with a spacious feel and a stylish look. Wood is natural material that is timelessly elegant , pleasant and very decorative. Modern interior design with wooden elements is contemporary and cozy, warm and impressive, functional and welcoming.

The choices that you make when deciding how your home will look have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions. The color of the walls, patterns used, furnishings, everything has its own impact on the user.

We have taken the wooden paneling in vertical lines indicating calm, dramatic and inspirational atmosphere.

You can use mood lines in virtually every element of your design. Or you can contrast different mood lines in different parts of your design to create a more layered design.

Wooden floor, ceiling or wall panels create gorgeous spaces ideal for relaxation.


Frames in high-gloss or matte black, natural wood, or metal finishes are great for artwork. Instead of having several pieces to put up , hang them close together, so they create the feeling of one large piece. Not making it clutter with too many pieces as in contemporary interiors, open space is often just as important as the areas filled with objects.


Track lighting and recessed lighting are used to wash a wall in light. Installing cove lighting or indirect light by including color and metallic elements on the light fixtures.

Used spotlights and lighting directed at a painting or an art , to draw the eye to the pieces you want to focus on. Contemporary style sculptures or framed art were placed at eye level by placing them on a structural column or pedestal. Vintage lampshades gives a delicate look on the wall, making the environment full of style.

Light colored wood gave decorative and artistic look to the room and made it look higher. Introduces more light in the room and maintenance.

The bedrooms are characterized by broad ventilation and natural light. Large window enriches the space, offering a generous outdoor view of the green.

The staircase leads visitors to a broad horizontal dining area. The grey walls and ceiling inspire an unfussy air, an effective form to the tapestry of wooden elements.

Not only are stairs and railing the primary focus of an entry, but they are generally visible from many areas of the home, giving them huge stylistic reach and influence. Stairs set the tone and style from the beginning, letting everything else flow from that place of inspiration.

The beauty of stairs and railing is that even generic design options have to be tailored to your space, and it gives each style a unique twist.

This type of railing offers a timeless look, pairing beautifully with contemporary styled interiors. There is a variety of colors and wood types to suit thee range of budgets. Wood handrails can also be combined with cable railing for both straight and curved staircases to add a touch of contemporary style to the space.


A classic way to create a strong sense of two zones within one open plan space is to create a change in level, which in our design acts as a highlight.

The designs are a perfect blend of functionality and exceptional aesthetics.

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