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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

One of Jaipur's most beautifully restored stepwells, or Baori, is Panna Meena Ka Kund. Panna Mian Kund, Panna Meena Baori, and Panna Meena Bawri are other names for Panna Meena Ka Kund. Amer town is home to Panna Meena Kund. It is located in Amer town adjacent to the Kheri gate and the Anokhi Museum.

Why you should visit Panna Meena Kund?

Panna Meena Kund is the only operable and well-restored stepwell in Jaipur, to start with. It is from a time before there was piped water. It is no longer utilized for the original purpose for which it was constructed. For many ages, it fulfilled its function. The Baori or Bawri was a component of the neighborhood's society. Particularly during the period of insufficient rainfall, it served as a major source of drinking water. It is an eight-story step-well that was built so that a set of stairs could be used to access water at any level.

History of Panna Meena ka Kund

How this Baori got to be known as Panna Meena or Panna Mian Kund is not known with certainty. According to local lore, a eunuch by the name of Panna Miah served in the royal court of Amer Fort during the time of Maharajah Jai Singh, and some people think that he was responsible for building this stepwell. It is thought to have existed in the sixteenth century. Another version holds that it was constructed by the native Meenas, who lived in Amer before to the arrival of the Rajputs in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The stepwell was constructed in Panna Meena's honour since it is thought by the locals that he was a valiant warrior. Some sources have mentioned that it is in Panna Meena Kund that Rajputs killed Meena chiefs who ruled Amer and thereby came to control this town.

Architecture of panna meena kund

The existing structure was created by Maharaja Jai Singh 400 years ago and was designed by a Brahmin. It was constructed by artisans and engineers. During the rainy season, the well was made to catch rainwater. It once served as a source of water for the locals, especially during the dry months when pipes could not carry water. Panna meena ka kund has been used for decades. It served as a place for people to socialize as well. Women in particular from the neighborhood congregate here to unwind, chat, and sit on the various stairway levels to share gossip and local news.

This Baori's subtle presence is one of its distinctive features. There is plenty of room to relax, converse, or take in the surroundings because the steps only go around three sides. The design is enhanced by the niches between the stair levels. They might have been created with some utility in mind. On each of the four corners are four octagonal pavilions known as Chhatris. It is difficult to climb the well using the same stairs and then climb back up them, which is an intriguing feature about this unique step well. Is this not peculiar? This means that a single person cannot utilize the same set of steps to go down and then climb. That's why the steps are built either to go down or climb up only is a mystery. For the visitors, it is a challenge to use the same stairs to climb back.

It is a visual treat for our eyes to see the zigzag geometrical patterns of symmetrical steps, and it took many hours of labor to build this step well, which is accessible by stairs and has a depth that is about equivalent to an eight-story structure. The Kund's two-story terrace and central area appear to have an octagonal layout. From here, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and the Amber Fort & Palace. The depth of this cave is above 200 feet, and it has unique aesthetics.

With a lovely contrast between nature and architecture, this special heritage location has its own appeal and allure. With its distinctive style, Panna Meena Stepwell attracts lots of people who come to see the incredible eight-story staircase construction. The stunning Amer Fort, a jewel of Jaipur, can be seen beautifully from the terrace. This location is ideal for stopping to take pictures.

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