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The Bathroom is one of your home's most intimate and private rooms. This is where the rest of the routine of self-care takes place. Having it a place that you actually enjoy spending time in is crucial. A bathroom can be updated without a total renovation.

A renovated bathroom adds value to your house, upgrades its design and makes it more suited to your needs today. For years to come, upgrades are the perfect time to make changes that will benefit you and your family. If you’re spending money this year on a bathroom remodel, consider making one or more of these important improvements to enhance your bathroom efficiency, storage and comfort.

1. Wood Grain Ceramic Tiles

Bring a minimalist touch. Take out hued bright and dramatic bathroom style tiles and replace the ceramic tiles with natural wood grained.

2. Dark Stone Tiles

Install raw dark stone tiles to replace the old bathrooms with the light and subdued themes.

3. Open Shelves

Take out closed cabinets for the bathroom and replace them with open shelves. Floating shelves and these hanging shelves allow the room to appear larger. The steel hooks compliment the flanks on the rustic wood board.

4. Creative Feature Wall

Give a facelift to one bathroom wall and it changes the whole room. One lovely wall to turn the commonplace bathroom into a special personal space.

5. Minimalist Textured Walls

This minimalist and monochromatic bathroom is far from boring. The different rich textures of the walls and floor offer depth and sophisticated flair.

6. Tile skirting board

Accent tiles are not only for the shower itself. Having an unusual 'skirting board' of stylish tiles helps to prevent water from splashing on the bare walls (from occasional spill or leakage) and adds a bit of visual appeal in a quirky, unexpected location. Plus, adding a touch of pattern in a low maintenance and moisture-proof way is a perfect way to.

7. Off-white

Seek to combine items such as curtains, towels or small accessories into some translucent off-white to make white porcelain look perfect while softening the overall palette look with less sterile, more lived-in tones.

6. Creative Lighting

Installing strategic lighting is one of the top modern bathroom upgrade ideas. Creative lighting highlights the good, hides the flaws, and delivers the mode.

The most important element in a well-designed bathroom is good lighting. Bring light fixtures into your bathroom to create a warm combination of both natural and supplemental light.

7. Tinted Glass Sink Vessel

Modern glass sink vessels are unfussy, easy to clean, stylish, and eye-catching. You can even pick up colors that will complement your current bathroom décor.


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