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Hardware Finishes


Polished finishes give a vivid, polished look and a budget-friendly quality. This form of finish has a sparklingly clean appearance which needs daily maintenance to preserve the appearance. Polished finishes make excellent accents in both contemporary and classic design depending on the color of the finish and the hardware profile.


Brushed finishes bear a heavier price tag but have the benefit of dissimulating water spots and fingerprints. Such finishes are famous for their elegant look and pleasing texture in residential projects. Brushed finishes are applied by simply brushing the metal with a tool, producing tiny surface abrasions and giving the metal a softer look.


In appearance, hurried and satin finishes are identical and often referred to interchangeably, but the distinction is how these finishes are applied. Usually satin finishes are applied by electrolysis and then treated with a lacquer. Further the lacquer dulls the shine of the metal and helps maintain the finish. Satin finishes mask fingerprints and water spots such as Brushed finishes, but are more resilient to scratches.


Some manufacturers sell finishes which are built over time for ageing and environment. These are called Finishes in Living. Equipment treated with a Living finish will improve slowly, acquiring a natural patina. Living finishes are perfect for historical renovated homes, new construction with traditional architecture and any homeowner who appreciates the elegance of a well-loved vintage item.


Polished Brass is a perennially common finish with retro charm, and the bathroom style is currently experiencing a revival. Its reflective, beautiful surface and dry, bright tones give this finish its classic appeal.


Polished Brass, the older, less glamorous relative. Antique Brass combines dark brown hues with a soft golden glow; its understated warmth makes it suitable for traditionally styled rooms.


Satin Nickel is all the rage as he designs for a more contemporary environment. Satin Nickel has a certain quality of luxury, contrasting its silent, cool luster with subtle warm undertones. It harmonizes well with appliances made from Stainless Steel making it a perfect choice for kitchens.


Whether polished or satin, the hardware has a sleek, modern look in a Chrome finish. Chrome is a bathroom favorite with its warm, clean feel. Hardware with this finish is priced reasonably and widely available in a number of items.


This finish is often called Antique Bronze and is ideal for adding a bit of rustic charm. In Old World or Tuscan-inspired designs the dark, burnt color is especially at home.


Also striking and surprisingly flexible, Matte Black meets both traditional and modern style in the center. Its wrought-iron resemblance is ideal for Southwestern or Farmhouse types.


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