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Designers have a box of tricks which can turn an ordinary scheme into a magnificent room, from matching color schemes to hanging artwork, designing lighting and even placing curtains.

Villas and large houses are truly inspiring for the architect and interior designer to bring all his imagination and inspiration into the villas to paint the magnificent imaginative painting, wide open spaces, multiple floors, spectacular views and beautiful architecture.

And anyone who owns a house or villa can make it a place for a luxurious life due to the high-end designs executed in it.

Decoration ideas when designing villas:

A collection of ideas that the interior designer can bring to modern villas, which give its designs a beautiful luster due to its good taste and close attention to the design details as follows:

Care must be taken of the new villa's exterior appearance.

The inclusion of massive sliding windows provides a wonderful indication of an simple flow between the villa's exterior and internal view and the use of the villa's inner door is a sliding glass, making it difficult to discern nature from the villa.

In sliding interior doors, sliding doors are simulated outdoors which allow light to pass through even when closed.

Inside the villa it is necessary to match the furnishings with each other in one arrangement without feeling the strength of one over the other.

A beauty on the floors is the contrast of the dark wood floors with soft carpeting and sofas.

The breakfast area gets pleasant morning sunlight with breezes of fresh air flowing into it from the surrounding windows.

Simple furniture in size makes the villa look more open and spacious.

Interior design of villas

– The materials used in the living rooms – The type of furniture used in the hall and the seats used.

– Lighting has a big role in determining the appropriate decor. For example, if the room has large windows, this allows lighting to enter the space more than it would suggest the breadth and give a beautiful view of the brushes.

– The change in the level of one hall is one of the good decoration means, as well as placing a partition or a wall decor at half the height so that two completely different types of furniture can be placed in the same hall.

– The hall can be divided into several wings as used as a family session in one hand and put a dining table in Another side of the hall with spacious corridors to accommodate the permanent movement.

Few precise principles:

1.Warm with wood

2.Choosing the paint

Before you commit to a wall color, it's important to paint a swatch and observe how the shade looks in different light conditions.

3.Call on complementary colours

The colour wheel is an interior design essential. It can help you to plan your colour pairings. Use it to help you come up with complementary schemes or bolder schemes.

4.Balance your colour scheme

5. Orchestrate indoor lighting

Lighting is often the last thing most people think about when coming up with a new design scheme, but it really should be the first. You need to carefully plan where every single light, switch and socket will go. Using the right colour and brightness of light bulb for the right tasks will also help your room look and perform its best.

6.Embrace dark colours

this can give a dingy room an off-putting, grey-ish tone that feels needlessly gloomy. Instead, embrace the dark side and paint your walls in deep, rich hues to create an irresistibly cozy scheme that draws you in. Lighten the mood with a few bright accents and make sure you include plenty of layered lighting.

7.Create an outdoor room

Treat your exterior space as you would a living room scheme and factor in rugs, lighting, comfortable seating and areas to pop drinks. Paint fences in sunny colours, display artwork and hanging plants.


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