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The world of interior design is a very beautiful place, where creativity and originality can open a lot of doors and where there’s always something that can be improved and optimized. An interior designer’s work never ends and sometimes this can be a problem as well.

There are few most common dilemmas and how they can be solved with these simple solutions.

1. The Narrow Space

Decorate with white. You can lead the eye to a window and an exterior aspect by using an all-white or soft-toned color palette, helping to relieve any feelings of being crowded in a narrow room. Do it with caution if you have to include texture and pattern, so there's nothing to distract your line of sight from the outside.

2. Tiny rooms

Have a huge mirror installed. Create the illusion of mirrors in a larger space.

On a wardrobe or covering a wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors will double the space size and bounce light around.

3. Low Ceiling

Hang a curtain high, it’s easy to overcome simply by hanging curtains from ceiling to floor. The full length curtains produce a waterfall effect without visible rods or rails that instantly offer the illusion of height.

4. Too big living room

It’s a misconception that more space means more ease in arranging furniture. Wide spaces are often the most spatially challenged, with awkward visual pauses.

The arrangement of the furniture not only fills the space, but also makes it feel intimate and inviting. In an open-plan area, demarcating zones not only improves the function of the room, but can also provide privacy. A free-standing splitter can have an attractive role and does not need to be permanent.

5. Unsightly Views

No one wants to look at an unattractive building right next door outside their doors. A wonderful solution to hiding those unpleasantries while also improving your property is to develop a natural screen. If budget and room constraints, then blinds are a great way to build some protection from too-close neighbors while providing some privacy and letting in plenty of light.


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