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Inside the Sophisticated and Classically Beautiful Home that defines the concept of a living habitat

With its modern aesthetic and extravagant ease, this residence located in the Jubilee hills, has a timeless appeal. The interior of a bedroom is classically beautiful, colour palette of muted neutrals and highly curated furniture and accessories.

The look exudes glamour, but it's cool, polished and elegant without any effort. Think of living luxury.

There are many trade tricks to make your home look luxurious. One of them is to create defined spaces that are welcoming. As a dorm room, it may not be casual, but you get the idea. Adding ground softening materials. Fresh flowers, pillows tossing, rugs and curtains are wonderful to blend a look and give an elegant touch.

It is also the art of paying attention to details and decluttering the perfect way to make a statement and elevate a space.

Sometimes it is about interpreting trends in society and what will be important to people in the time to come.

Statement Blue creates a confident, private interior that oozes sophisticated confidence in oneself. A color that gives the house plenty of energy and adds an exciting character. The option for those who want color expression to be clear and effective!

Curious Mind suits as a white, neutral foundation as well as a traditional accent perfectly. Fit for those who like to explore and experiment.The gray yellow shade, unlike other shades, can be both rugged and masculine.

Daydream is a silent plum color with which we can easily fall in love. It is a slightly luxurious, exceptionally beautiful and perfect in rooms where the main focus is on rest and good conversation. It brings a feeling of being warm and comfortable down to earth.

Full of personality, quick and relaxing, Free Spirit is the perfect shade for those who want new energy to replenish the house. A perfectly balanced color between grey and blue which looks refreshing and vivid yet hot and cool at the same time.

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