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Would you like to render your small space look bigger? These five tricks, in just a couple of minutes, will help you gain a few inches — or just appear like you have. In all honesty, here's how to make magic in the living room.

Undressing your windows can make your room appear bigger

1. Expose your windows…

Modern curtains can feel heavy and gloomy. For brighter drapery colours, let the sun shine away. Consider a range of sheers in a living room instead of blackouts, or completely forget about window treatments, so natural light could really spill into your room. This will make your room almost immediately appear lighter and bigger.

The impact of maximising the effect of mirrors

2. Increase the effect of mirrors….

Mirrors are not only for self-grooming! Strategically, place a large one opposite your windows and see the double size of your living room. Okay, maybe not double — but the optical illusion is genuine. Mirrors throw light around a space and when it comes to opening a door, that's always a good thing. The results of glass and furniture can also be identical.

Vertical landcaping

3. Endeavour your walls:

If you have no high ceilings, there are no problems. You can play with your walls by mounting in the top half of a wall some shelves or a piece of art. This will pull up the eyes of visitors, creating a sense of loftiness without any major building. You can also trick the mind by raising your curtain rods a bit higher than your window frames.

4. Make your furniture pieces pop-out…

The best way to feel more comfortable in your living room. If necessary, pull all of the furniture resting against the walls front a few feet. Give items such as sofas, bookcases, and benches as these would make the whole room feel less crowded and more airy.

An innovative way to hide your cords

5. Avoid exposed cords.

If your dirty electrical wires haven't been covered, get on that. You can mount a raceway with drywall screws in ten minutes to cover your TV cable. To monitor cables around a table or entertainment center, zip ties or eye hooks can be used.

So it’s not impossible to gain space in your current living room layout without renovating—it’s just a challenge. But any of these tips should help you live a little larger in your small living room.


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