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1. For the Sleek Executive

There is increasing population of executives working from home. Home offices may represent dignity and exude leadership, offering a stately backdrop for calls and meetings to video conferencing. The home office featured here subtly combines ample storage and shelving in secret cabinets.

2. Cozy, co-working space

This cozy, open, co-working room at home is ideal for anyone coming from their home office to collaborate or host meetings.

A talented freelancer or small business with a beautifully decorated room might host client meetings right from home.

3. Home Office Under the Stairs

Effectively, this home office uses a limited amount of room below a

staircase to add a storage area, desk and workspace, and even plants.

This creative area contains everything needed to work from home

by incorporating built-in shelves and a little desk chair.

4. Giant Wall Calendar for Visual Learners

Visual apprentices are more likely to work from home for greater flexibility and concentration. What better way to work than setting up a room from home that allows you to be creative? To get creativity going, try a giant wall calendar or chalkboard wall.

5. Guest Bedroom and Home Office Combo

Seek a mix of guest bedroom and home office if you have the luxury of getting an extra room in your own house. The shared space works well, since they possibly do not overlap too much. Using a daybed or pull out sofa for an office that looks like one when visitors don't finish up.

6. Chalkboard Walls for Creative Workers

Chalkboard walls are as simple as fresh paint coat. To work from home with chalkboard paint or spaces for visual projects and inspiration, consider decking out your home office room.

7. Add life - Plant Loving Work from Home

Plants can achieve improvement in productivity and work satisfaction and increase happiness. They also contribute to adding oxygen to the air in your house. Try to start with plants that don't need much light or water in your home office, like succulents, peace lilies, or these simple and beautiful plants to care for.

8. Garden Shed Retreat

You can transform your understated backyard into a unique workspace with a simple re-design. Maintaining your job in a separate field from home keeps you focused and reduces the temptation to turn on the television.


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