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Build a comfortable atmosphere on your patio or yard. With these ideas of seating, get started turning your yard into a nice hang-out spot.

1.Rustic Split-Log Benches

Consider those rustic split-log benches if you're looking for more of a rustic feel. These are perfect for a cabin-style home, or even a home in the country.

2.Wrought Iron Patio Table and Chairs

One of the more common choices is a wrought-iron set of seats, typically glass-topped, with a small table. For this scenario, in a stone "creek" the table and chairs are on a raised deck with a water feature running along the bottom.

3.White Cushioned Wood Armless Sofas

A covered pergola with a light chandelier sets the mood to relax on three armless sofas made from wood. Thick white foam cushions are overlaid with many fluffy pillows to make the sofas even more comfortable.

4.Wicker Nest Seat

This wicker cushion, built beautifully, is curved and ideal to curl up on a sunny day, whether you are reading or drinking coffee. The size makes it perfect for evening naps too.

5.Recycled Pallet Benches

These rectangular crate benches are made of recycled pallets and are easy and simple to use in any garden. They can be placed on or off paths, and they can be stained or painted to fit your sense of style.

6 Raise the roof.

The roof will also give you the much-needed shade in the summer months and provide shelter from the rain. You're also going to be able to hang lighting from the roof for the evenings. Build your seat under a roof to have a secluded seating area in the garden and avoid the neighbors looking down on you if you live.

7.Aged Wicker Armchairs

Two wicker armchairs are up against a vertical garden and hedges. The trees and other plants produce a shade close to that of a pergola. Stones beneath the seats ensure good after-rain drainage.

8. Hang in there.

Including conventional hammocks and swing seats, the industry also provides several styles of hanging bubble chairs or cocoon seats for outdoor use. The chairs are made of materials such as macrame, rattan, wood, metal and plastic, varying in size and design. Using cushions which are weatherproof to add warmth and swing away.

9.Capitalize on a corner

Using a corner of your garden to build a built-in seating area works very well, particularly when planting areas around the sides and back to make you feel like you're nestled in the space as well.

10.Make use of a wall

A good way to incorporate seating into your garden if you have terracing is to integrate it into a bank when constructing your retaining walls.

11.Concrete block

Concrete benches are very heavy and more permanent. Often they are built in buildings that are not supposed to alter or change regularly. Concrete is very robust and so it is ideal for any environment. Concrete can be made up of several different materials to add different textures to the benches, depending on what it is made up of.


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