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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Popular Art Deco Style Colour Schemes

Bold & Bright

The economy boomed in the Roaring 20's, and bright colors started to symbolize the optimism of the times. Hues like canary yellow, emerald green, peacock blue, royal purple, and bright red all became rage.


Silver, Gold, Metal Blues and Charcoal Grays also reflected the riches and prosperity of the times. Metallic finishes immediately add glitz and glamor, suggesting elegance and wealth. It is the epitome of the style of the Art Deco.


Art Deco was all about a streamlined, sleek look and a neutral, monochromatic color scheme that made it much easier to achieve. Creams, beiges, taupe's and medium browns have become common options for interiors and fashions.

Black & White

This is probably the most popular color scheme in the 1920s and 1930s. Black and white checkerboard tiles, floors and wallpapers are popular. Fashion has also become highly elegant and streamlined. The classic black and white Chanel outfit was the pinnacle in chic elegance.

Art Deco Colors, Shapes & Patterns

Colors are more often bold and driven by contrast in schemes of silver, black, chrome, yellow, red, cream, green, and beige. When it comes to solids, typical colors are black, brown, and tan. But, it’s also common to come across bright like reds, pinks and oranges (not pictured here) to reflect the happy, joyful times of the buzzing Roaring 20s.

To give Art Deco objects a futuristic look, artists frequently opt for vertical lines and geometric shapes like arcs, circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles in repetitive patterns.

Geometric Design

It's easier than it looks to integrate

Art Deco style into your house. To add a little retro flair to your space, opt for bright, geometric wallpaper. Rectangles and curvy shapes are instantly eye-catching and make any stylish space come alive. A curvy, multicolored rug is another exceptional option. This carpet is a subtle and stylish option that will give life to any room.


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