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Displaying collections does not have to be bland, cluttered, or unorganised to show collections! Properly completed, a set adds interest to your house, giving it character.

Even if you typically choose minimalist interiors, your decor will be enhanced by a well considered display.

So here are few main points to remember while your displaying your art collection

1. Neutral backdrop

Neutral colors like white, off- white, grey or beige will make sure the viewers focus on the collection and makes them stand out.

2. Display what you love

The most important thing is to display a collection of items you really love, and that will make you look happy. Don’t just have things on display for the sake of it or because you don’t know where else to place them.

3. Have a theme

Your collection needs to have some sort of theme. (After all, that’s what makes it a collection). It could be a type of object, colour, or a shared story behind the pieces.

You could, for instance, have a set of objects that are all the same but different. Or a vignette that is essentially an arrangement of various pieces, shoes, books and vases. They create a small scene together and may also say a storey.

4. Less is more

Don’t hesitate to have your collection edited. You don’t have to reveal everything all at once. Sometimes less objects creates more impact. Know when to stop.

5. Select a location

Carefully choose a designated location for your collection to avoid creating a haphazard appearance of clutter. Give it breathing room so that it becomes a focal point and gets the recognition it deserves.

Think about which room could fit best with your collection's. For instance, you could brighten up a bare wall in your kitchen if you have a set of kitchenware.

6. Composition and display

If the pieces in your collection are all the same size or shape, display them in odd numbers and they work really well when they are of different heights.

A popular trick is to display items in glass vases. It enhances functional objects and makes them look more precious. It is also a really useful way for displaying smaller pieces such as shells or stones.

7. Contrast and surprise

Extra visual interest is generated by objects positioned in contrast or opposition. To accomplish this effect, colour and texture work well. Show your collection to give it more effect in an unexpected way.

Hanging a collection of vintage items on a modern room wall is a perfect example of this.

Once you learn secrets on what makes a good show, just like the stylists do, you will be able to organise your set. And with clever styling even ordinary objects can be transformed into an art installation.


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