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Different ways of creating landscape pockets in the indoors.

Way of indoor greening design in addition to depending on the materials of the plant morphology, size, colour and ecological habits, but also on the basis of the size of interior space, the strength of the light and the seasonal change, and the atmosphere. Its design methods and various forms, including display, clings to type, suspension type, wall hung, plant type, and the design of the miniature foliage plant greening.

Display Greening Design.

Display is the most common indoor greening design and the most common way of design, including point, line, and the type 3 kinds. Of which point is the most common, the potted plant on the desktop, tea table, GuiJiao, windowsill, and a corner, or in the indoor air suspension, a green viewpoint. Line and the chip is a group of potted plant is put into a line or organized into freestyle, rules of flake graphics, rise to organize interior space, to distinguish the different USES place indoors, or combined with furniture, have the effect of dividing range.

Type Greening Design.

Halls and restaurants, such as indoor areas need to split, with belt clings to plant quarantine, or the fence with a bar or design decorative pattern to provide clings to plants and clings to coordinate in shape, colour, material, etc. In order to make reasonable interior space division, coordination, and practical.

Suspension Hanging Greening Design.

Large indoor space, combined with the ceiling, lamps and lanterns. Put it beside the window, the corner, the furniture has a certain volume of Yin hanging plants, improve the indoor artificial buildings as dry as a chip and drab feeling caused by the hard line, build a lively space stereo aesthetic feeling, make full use of space.

Wall Greening Design.

The beautification of greening indoor wall, also is popular among people. Wall hanging wall hanging method, hang a wall trying to, recessed method and window method. Advance on the wall set up local uneven hole wall and wall, for placed potted plants; Or flowers is placed in the ground, or planting groove, build by laying bricks or stones and then grows on plants, make its growth along the wall, form indoor local green space; Or on the wall to set up support, in the case of do not take up the place flowerpot, to enrich the space.


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