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Design remedies for enhancing the function of the space

The style in Scandinavia has become a global phenomenon. Beloved for its sophistication, purpose and relation to the natural world, this form of interior design creates residential and commercial spaces with understated elegance.

The signature features that characterized the northern style — minimalist white walls, wooden floors and modern furniture.

Leggy Furniture:

Scandinavian furniture style is dominated by natural wooden surfaces, which have functional geometrical basic shapes. It doesn’t have unnecessary details which is similar to the Bauhaus style.

Since the days in the north are much shorter, it is understandable that light optics are used in the interior. Fabrics often have fur optics, cotton, linen and bright suede. Colours are mostly wool-white or beige mixed with another pastel colour like light blue, mint or rose.

Light, Muted Colours:

Scandinavian interiors are typically painted white to help keep spaces bright because the winters are so long and dark. They are kept soft and understated when colors are used to keep the whole space feeling cohesive, uniform and bright.

Clean Lines

To Scandinavian architecture, there is not much ornate or unnecessary detail noticed. New, smooth lined solid parts are much more traditional and characterize the Scandinavian style of architecture.

Simple Accents

Related to keeping a space clutter free is the idea of owning less to begin with. Decor is kept to a minimum in Scandinavian design. Bare walls and empty spaces are not shied away from.

Maximize Natural Light

Because in Scandinavian countries it's dark so much of the year, seeking to harness natural light is an important thing. When using some window treatments, sheer and transparent treatments are chosen to let as much light as possible in.

Cozy Textiles

Scandinavian style may not use a lot of blankets or pillows to decorate, but those that are used would certainly double as a practical and comfortable warmth source, as well as a chic way to add texture when not used

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