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Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture.

Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally or artificially, lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings around us.

To create a successful balance between lighting and architecture, it’s important to remember three key aspects of architectural lighting: aesthetic, function, and efficiency.

Aesthetic is where designers and architects focus on the emotional impact the balance of lighting and architecture will have on occupants.

The second aspect, function, cannot be overlooked. We want the lighting to look a certain way, but we have to also make sure it serves its purpose. Areas should be illuminated so occupants feel safe when navigating a room or entire building.

The final aspect is very important in today’s age of green building and sustainability movements. It’s one thing to create a breath taking lighting layout that is also incredibly energy efficient.

Architects use many different types of materials to alter the way light enters a building and the way artificial light interacts with interior architecture.

In our project, we have customized the lights and used them as light art murals.


We wanted geometry around to gel with other elements yet did not want the perfect shape it had to have crispness yet a flow . So the irregular polygon was an apt choice. The open and closed polygon and their placement brought in the required rhythm and flow.

Open were simple bend and weld but when it come to the closed ones the shape was tough to handle specially because we desired seamlessness using joint less sheet warps. This was a challenge and wooden blocks the shape of the polygon were used for sheet bending.

Multiple points with precision was achieved by cut ply template fixed on panelling for providing the light source. LED bulb used as light source to indirect lighting and also lighting from the front was given.


The wall was too large to deal with and only a single piece creation there can do justice to give the desired effect.

The exterior greens over shadow this zone it gave the idea of using the leaf motive instantly and the structure was perceived.

A dual use fitting which fills the bare wall and is the light source for the area and the main artifact for the double height space.

Lobby installation is inspired by the amalgamation of the inside & outside. The structure has a leaf motif, which exhibits itself close to nature’s falling of leaves.

The piece had to blend with everything around it, hence different finishes were important. This was the toughest to achieve after a lot of discussions with the foreman.

Lighting is an important tool in interior designing and should never be overlooked. The way in which you incorporate lighting into your home interiors define the mood of the user of the space as it has a great impact on the perception. Employing a good interior lighting designer can increase the brightness of a space and create ideal mood sets. Lighting helps in adding elegance, sophistication and style to your home or office interiors.

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