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Indian contemporary art is becoming international recognition as India rises as an economic superpower.

Contemporary-Traditional Art refers to an art produced at the present period of time that reflects the current culture by utilizing classical techniques in painting, and sculpting

Contemporary Indian art usually exhibits Western style influence,

but is also influenced by Indian themes and images.

India's mindset and outlook had significantly altered. The country's transformation was evident in the 80's and 90's and that affected the upcoming Indian painters enormously. The early Indian art paintings experienced clear cut modernism. Indian contemporary art reached new heights with the absence of boundaries and the world being globalized.


The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art.

Of all the machine-made things in our homes, it's good to have something that can bring life back into a space with no effort.

With a work of art, you can sense the time, effort, and skill that went into its creation.

Whether it’s a memory or a feeling, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when we look at it. Art can cheer us up after a bad day, make us remember, or inspire us to do more in life.

Every home is a museum

Contrary to the common belief that only artists do art, even the average individual has the ability to transform even the simplest space into a beautiful tale, it has been found.

Creativity is all that it requires, and creativity takes courage. Your brand new home will be your own platform for telling stunning shops and sending meaningful messages to guests. You get to choose the tone and sound that through the art form you work with, you offer your home.

While historical and modern art will continue to be significant, some of the younger artists do incredible work, experimenting with new concepts, forms, and compositions. This is critical because art must develop continuously alongside its cultural and socio-economic roots and dynamics.

We have used few such artist’s work in our recently designed residential project.

We didn’t have to work too hard on the walls, where these paintings were held as they were emphasizing features in the existing rooms.

1.Ramesh Gorjala

The artist integrates subjects, mixing not unaccompanied one figure, but fused images all unified into a broader vibes.

The use of a palette dominated by gold, red and green creates a largely stated and spiritual environment.

2.Vivek Kumavat

According to the artist the Bull has an important place in Indian mythology, it is an auspicious marker as a guardian deity and a symbol of truth and justice. The form of the bull in his paintings indicates power and immense strength. Yet the art have a gentle demeanor exuding an aura of calm benevolence.

3. Somnath Bothe

A deep rooted respect for ‘nature’ and ‘humility’ is the inspiration for his paintings. His paintings are colourful, vibrant, nostalgic at times, and sheer conversational pieces. The colour schemes are modern and flashy but this is intentional, to remind us of the importance of historical places. The fusion of rainy season and historical places in cities and villages constitute the subjects of his paintings.

Hanging a piece of contemporary art in the living room is sure to provide a focal point. Even if the décor of your living space is simple, a single contemporary art piece on a plain wall can raise the level of décor of your home.

With so many types of art for your home, it’s really easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the right piece of art that will really bring out the beauty of the space. Art is a personal choice. Only you know what you like, and you should go for artwork that speaks to you on a deeper level.


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Michal Clarke
Michal Clarke
08 juin 2021

Traditional art is very awesome to watch and Japanese tradition is one of the best . Harajuku store provides the best kawaii clothes.

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