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Colour Trends in 2020

Color is not only helpful in creating an impact on human emotions but they have the ability to change the room altogether. Paint has the ability to highlight something important or just as easily mask some deformities. Every year after studying the styles and the newest trends Sherwin-Williams edifies us about the hottest paint color of the year. This year the choice of paint is "the most soothing shade in the world," which is Naval. There is still a lot more coming our way; there are 250 interior designers working to recognize the latest trends.

Navy blue is a timeless colour that is becoming more and more famous day by day. The dark, rich navy blue reminds us about the night sky. Dark colours will become neutral Dark colours are trending for quite some time now and so this year the darker colours are also turning into neutral colours. Black, grey and white are the universal neutral colours since ages and now the darker colours are also coming into the picture to give them a tough competition. Sage green, Navy blue, blush pink and charcoal are the new neutral colours according to the interior designers.

Colour choice is varying from generation to generation The younger generation is more open to bright colours like bright yellow, light green and bright yellow. On the other hand the older generations like sticking to their traditional neutral colours like black, white and beige. They prefer warmer colour as they are soothing to their eyes. Millennial are more into bolder colours like blue or purple.

Some more colour trends in 2020 Olive green giving us nostalgia Milan Fashion Week 2019 has used Green a lot as a colour trend and specifically Olive Green gives us the touch of nature.

Olive green can be used in the interiors as well as the exteriors of a house.

Beige back in action. Beige, on the other hand, is also making a comeback. Shades of grey have been slathered on walls all over the world in the last few years. Yet beige is eager for her return according to the world of interior design.

Dark red ruling again. Dark, rich reds and caramels were very popular in 2019 and Cavern clay was also declared as the colour of the year by Sherwin Williams so it is predicted that it’s shades are going to remain popular in 2020.

All in all, it’s a safe bet to say that colours play a major role in building a vibe for you and your home. It’s always helpful to keep up with the latest trends because styling our house is just as important as styling ourselves.


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