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In this project our clients wanted an outdoor space where they could sit and read in the afternoon, however considering our climatic conditions, the area was in full sun. So, we have provided a pergola so that the area will be shaded at any time during the day.

A pergola could add meaning to your backyard. You can create an entertainment lounge or a deep-seated dining area, especially if you do not have a deck or patio. If you want your outdoor area to have a definite function, a pergola is the ideal solution. They have a unique beauty that surpasses that of most standard awnings by helping in creating visual interest in an otherwise basic backyard.

A pergola is a simple but beautiful structure that adds much appeal to backyards. You can convert your outdoor area to create a living room where after a long day you can entertain friends and family, or relax and unwind. You can be sure you'll love to own a pergola, no matter what you use it to!

Not only are pergolas beautiful on their own, but other beautiful landscaping features such as climbing trees, vines, and ivy can also be supported. Plant these flowers and vines in the right position, and weave their way up the supports of the pergola, and through the beams of the roof.

Selection of materials plays an important role in designing landscape.

The right landscape materials can reduce energy consumption, mitigate air and water pollution, and prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

In a landscape materials are made up of several components. Wood, metal or paving materials are the most commonly forming a landscape, but trees, soils, rocks, material assemblies and product components are also called landscape materials.

Both these components have a particular role in the design of a landscape and should be carefully designed so as not to have any adverse effects on the climate, the economy or human health.

The creation of a balcony garden definitely has its share of problems, with a fraction of the average garden size, no soil and probably no irrigation, but the good news is that it's easy to maneuver around these challenges with a bit of preparation and turn a balcony into a lush and serene escape from the surrounding urban life.

A balcony garden, once it’s fully blooming, can obscure much of your small outdoors. The shield created by greenery establishes a more intimate and secure space, giving you privacy.

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