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Nature is an emotional element within the surrounding environment and is an important aspect to deal with everyday affecting everything around human. Human always communicates with nature; since starting to build shelters and using them, nature has been used as an important and basic part in the plans and designs. Human being noticed the advantages of communicating with nature as; health, less stress and sickness. Plants and green spaces can help in perfection and safety in the cities and improvement of social relationship and interaction in residential environments.

This villa truly binds you to the natural landscape in all directions with large, granite rocks covering the new, architectural marvel in areas you wouldn't expect to see them. A natural palette of colors and textures give it a rustic feel, with surround sound's modern conveniences.

It's natural to think of home and garden as two separate entities with a clear boundary between them. Yet connecting indoor and outdoor spaces–even if it's just a small garden or terrace–can make the interior feel bigger. With the outside of the house, the eye sees more, and the garden-facing space appears larger.

So, when designing a new extension or remodeling your living area for an open-plan environment, consider these key points to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.


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