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Having an interior courtyard in your home can filter sunlight into areas of the home that may not otherwise have natural light. In conjunction with well-planned landscaping, this area can seem like a private oasis protected from neighbors with a patch of ground and some sky that allows you a connection to the outdoors. A residence can enjoy a close connection to nature even if there’s no vegetation around it, even if the views are not amazing. That can be done through an inner courtyard or an interior garden.

We can either go for a dry landscaping with pebbles and stones or design the courtyard/ backyard as a garden. Plants which grow in shade are largely preferred for the garden or we can cover the top of the courtyard with poly carbonate sheets so as to let the light in while restricting the rain. While it is very interesting to watch the rain falling in the courtyard of your house, the main challenge in open to sky courtyard is managing the water and moisture. Mosquito menace is a problem, too. We can attend to it by providing glass covers and SS or Fiber glass meshes. Proper drainage facility is a must for an open courtyard.

We're obsessed with geometric wall planter these days. Perfect for displaying succulents and cacti, these wall hung antique Metal planters provide a unique and stylish backdrop, specially when complemented with some stone wall cladding. Cultivate some curtains, like with hanging plants.

Everybody loves a bit of rock ‘n’ roll – incorporate some big rocks into the courtyard landscaping for a strong architectural effect. Make a frame with plants. A low maintenance patio can be framed by dense borders of greenery. If green borders still sound like too much maintenance for you, then how about a softly bubbling water feature to create an atmosphere of zen instead. Even a narrow space can be transformed into a magical spot. Incorporate plenty of color in your planting to curate an uplifting view.

Create different levels. By adding decks and platforms to your layout , you can define eating areas or an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area . Decorate courtyard decks and patios with potted plants, hanging planters or raised plant beds. Courtyards don’t have to be flat. A few little hills bring in a touch of the wild.

Make the most of an exterior courtyard by including some modern outdoor furniture into the layout . Built-in benches at the borders can double as outdoor dining banquettes. Form a shaded area over the dinning chairs and table may be from a pergola for a cooler more comfortable outdoor dining experience in the height of summer, or to provide shelter from unexpected showers. A captivating courtyard design provides a modern home with a special sense of serenity, and allows nature to become a major part of a home’s makeup. Enclosed garden spaces act as personalized nature retreats that feed into adjacent interior spaces via the blurred boundaries of glass walls, retractable doors and atrium ceilings, which is not some rocket science and hence can be achieved if we follow the basics.

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